Sys-usb requires what package for USB headsets?

I have a sys-usb VM created with the qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-usb command.
If I change the template from debian-10 to debian-10-minimal it will go from working flawlessly to devices not being detected in the attached VM. I can still see all devices and attach them with both templates.

I have a template with minimal + following which I use for vault, sys-usb and some other VM-
psmisc gnome-keyring qubes-core-agent-nautilus qubes-usb-proxy qubes-input-proxy-sender qubes-gpg-split keepassxc qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root polkit pycairo
Out of them nautilus, keepassxc, gpg-split, passwordless-root and polkit are 100% not required for sys-usb.
But you should really read this-


I should have specified that I’m trying to pass through a USB headset.

I found out I need pulseaudio-qubes, or a dependency of it, installed in both sys-usb and the receiving VM to successfully detect and operate it in the VM.

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