Sys net and firewall VM fails to load

Everytime I load qubes it says the sys net and firewall failed to load and when I fresh install it says it right off the bat I’ve been up all night troubleshooting this and I have nothing

The error I get is :

Qubes sys-net has failed to start :qrexec-daemon startup failed (date) qrexec-daemon [8356] : qrexec-daemon.c:144:sigchld_parent_handler: connection to the VM failed

I’ve seen people with similar problems but the explanation on how to fix it wasn’t clear and just confused me I’m assuming it’s something to do with the network controller since when I get rid of it the error isn’t there but not very helpful without wifi lol :rofl:. The controller is a 8821ce I saw that come up a lot

Based on this topic:

You can try to:

  1. Set sys-net and sys-net template to have in-VM kernel like this:
    Managing qube kernels | Qubes OS
  2. Restart sys-net template after changing the kernel.
  3. Install kernel module required for 8821ce to work in sys-net template:
echo "blacklist rtw88_8821ce" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
sudo apt install bc module-assistant build-essential dkms
sudo m-a prepare
git config --global http.proxy
git clone
git config --global http.proxy ""
cd rtl8821ce
sudo ./

Dear apparatus,

Sincerely the for your help.

With new laptop now which does not have an ethernetport we still have the prolem « dkms » (which is a requierement to do your point 3) is not installed by default (except if I am wrong). Then it will be dificult to install this required this module.

Have a nice day.

You can use USB-Ethernet or USB-Wifi adapter.
Or you can download the required packages from another OS and move them to sys-net template using USB drive to install them there.