Sys-gui template (fedora-36-xfce)

Is there a more up to date template for the sys-gui VM? fedora-36 is EOL

I never used f36. Just edited salt files to the current release at the time (f38) and everything worked fine.

and related

How can I remediate my current sys-gui template if it uses f36? Just redo the salt state with f38?

I’d try to simply switch the template. If that doesn’t work, I’d create new one directly based on f39, not f38.

f39 is supported on R4.2?

Is there an f39-xfce template?

Where are templates sourced from →

I found that updates often fail when you attempt them from dom0 cli. They also fail sometimes when using the update manager, but if you restart sdwdate a few times it seems to make the connection to the repo server.