Sys-audio doesn't start

I’m trying to finally have audio and I was following this guide because I have wireless headphone with USB pen.
But when I arrive to this part of the guide and I execute the command qubes-prefs default_audiovm sys-audio, every other existing qube seems broken. I have tried to open other disposable qubes (as apps, not template) and they simply couldn’t start. Also I couldn’t delete the qube, as it was used as default_audiovm, so the OS didn’t let me do it.
I have tried to revert the command using qubes-prefs default_audiovm --default and now I could delete the qube again, but still, if I decide to not delete it and I try to open, for instance, the Terminal, it doesn’t work anyway.
Yes, because if I try to start the qube from the Qube Manager it tells me Got empty response from qubesd. See journalctl in dom0 for details. and the State remain with a yellow dot. Or if I try to open a software like Xfce Terminal though menu → Apps → sys-audio → Xfce Terminal, it doesn’t give any error but the starting of sys-audio still remains with the yellow-dot state.
And when I try to shutdown it, it says ERROR: Domain is powered off: 'sys-audio'.
What am I doing wrong?

It’s hard to conlcude from what you wrote, but to me it looks you’re jumping from trying to run sys-audio to trying to run other qubes whose audivm is sys-audio. Do not do anything else until you are sure you can hear sound from within sys-audio, meaning, until you have fully working sys-audio. You posted two links, and there are other settings in that guide regarding sys-audio.

Also, I’d try creating sys-audio using this guide, if the one you tried didn’t go well. Then come back and tell us exactly what you did, so you could be easier to be helped.

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I remember I got this when I was fiddling with the strict-reset settings of sys-audio’s attached devices. Can you toggle that and check if sys-audio can boot?

EDIT: AFAIK, the device cannot be start at all when strict reset is needed with the explicit warning about it…

Did you try again after rebooting the Qubes OS?
Try to remove the PCI devices from sys-audio and start it for a test.
Did you try no-strict-reset? Maybe also try permissive mode:

Also try to create a new sys-audio2 for a test but don’t set it as default_audiovm and just try to start the qube first for a test.