[sys-audio] Audio cutting in and out making audio unusable

I made a sys-audio manually (I installed packages, set rpc, assigned PCI, etc. manually—nothing complicated), but all-of-a-sudden, the audio is cutting in and out every second, making it unusable. The only change I can think of is that I recently reinstalled Qubes and imported backups. The audiovm, however, was recreated manually (not the template), and this is the same on Debian, Fedora, restored VMs, and new VMs.

About every second the audio cuts out making a small sound, and is back only to cut out again. The out part is almost instant, and happens regularly.


This was “fixed” by restarting the machine. I would like to add that I not only tried restarting the AppVMs, but also the AudioVM. This was “fixed” only by restarting the whole machine. I am now even more befuddled than I was. The machine had been running for over 24 hours, but how would resetting basically just dom0 (because other relevant VMs were rebooted) fix this? As far as I know, dom0 is only responsible for relevant policies?

Seems like the same issue as the one reported here:

Maybe some recent update broke something?

as for me: i am only a recent user of sys-audio and can not confirm or deny if the were changes in behaviour

While they may be related, that seems to be synchronization issues whereas this is it cutting out. Now that I think about it, I did just update. I don’t remember if I restarted sys-audio in between updates or not.

I’ve cloned the template and reverted the volume. I’ll have to leave it on for a while to see any difference.

Well, the revert didn’t catch the update. I’ll see if I can perform some apt magic.

I think it’s not just the synchronization issue:

Which may be the same as your: