Suddenly, after booting up, `sys-usb` does not recognise mouse. Must restart, then things work fine

Pretty much what the title says. Suddenly, with no input from me, sys-usb does not recognize the mouse on boot.

I think the wifi card is on usb (this is a Lenovo x230), but it works just fine.

If I restart sys-usb, it prompts me to attach the mouse to dom0. Everything works fine.

Two other points:

  • this is a disposable sys-usb
  • I get prompted to attach the mouse again after resume from suspend.

What if you disconnect/connect mouse cable when it’s not working after Qubes OS boot up without restarting sys-usb?
Will it be recognized?
You can check the log in sys-usb terminal using sudo journalctl -b command and the log in dom0 using the same command to see how your mouse is handled in sys-usb at boot up and compare it with how it’s handled after disconnect/connect if it works after this. Check in dom0 whether there is a request from sys-usb to pass the mouse input or not.