Split-Browser Bookmarks, Logins & Browsers

I lack context. Could you tell me a possible name for the split?

Me too. Never mind, thanks.

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Hello @rustybird!
How we can install split-browser in fedora-37(-minimal)?


There are some problems with the qubes-repo-contrib package repository infrastructure, so the Split Browser packages are currently outdated everywhere and there are no contrib packages for Fedora 37 at all.

It is possible to install/update manually from my upstream Git repository. Steps 2 and 3 of the installation instructions each have a paragraph that starts with Or install manually:

Oh, sorry to hear. Thanks for the tip any way. What would be secure-wise way to copy vm/ to a template/AppVM?

Also, both dirs inside vm, or the needed one for the AppVM’s template?

The whole vm/ directory. But I’ve edited my last post to not go as far as “recommending” manual installation, because how to do this securely (which is not specific to Split Browser) is a big can of worms I don’t feel like opening…

Huge one, yep. Huge enough me too to wait infrastructure (untrusted, of course) issue to be resolved. Thanks for your fantastic response rate as well as for clear and more than useful tips.

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It looks we don’t have them anymore… Thanks!

Well, the Fedora 37 contrib repo packages are still far behind at v0.15.0. Hopefully they’ll be updated to v0.15.5 (comparison) soon though.

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I know, but at least for me qubes-contrib-vm-r4.1-current became available only recently, while updating split-browser manually - no problem.

v0.15.5 has just landed in the contrib testing repos.