Sound not quite right

Dear community,

I have finally pulled the trigger and installed QubesOS (Latest version/Download) on my DELL Vostro 7590 Laptop.

Apart from Qubes being amazing for what I think an OS should be, I do have some sound issues:

The sound just seems off and it sometimes / randomly starts to sound like an old ATARI, e.g. when playing a video or a Telegram Notification comes up. This then persists, and only goes away when I open the PulseAudio Volume Control from the System Settings. It then gets better but still sounds crackling when there is talking, or when a violin is playing in a video, there is just this off sound to it.

According to DELLs own specification, it is a Realtek ALC3254 controller. Pulse says it’s a Cannon Lake PCH cAVS HDMI.

Aside from this install being my daily driver, I am planning on using QubesOS for video creation purposes. So having both graphics and sound working would be a good thing.

Please may I ask for help and advise how to improve the sound? Is it a settings thing? Is it a compatibility issue?
I am new to Qubes so please excuse my potentially silly questions.

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What audio device are you using to listen to system sounds?

Hi, thank you for your time here.

I am using the inbuilt speakers. I have also tried switching to inbuilt speakers of my monitors which sound the same.

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Okay, what happens when you use headphones?

I had this issue a long time ago, and it was linked to the amount of RAM assigned to the VM or the audio process in some way. I don’t remember all the details, but try to increase it. The sound might be cracking because the process doesn’t have enough power to handle it.


Hi both,

I have increased the RAM on all VMs that I am planning on using sound and it appears to work much better. But I HAVE TO HAVE Pulse Volume Control running. Once it is running, it seems okay.

Strange though…

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