Sound for hvm

So I was digging around and found too messages about trying to fix “audio” for hvm’s.
They are as follows…

They talk about this ( installing the pulseaudio-qubes-tools packages in to your
standalone ). I am very interested in getting my Arch hvm to have audio so does anyone have any experience or direction to help me achieve this? This is the last thing I have to do for this hvm and as for my other ones I am find.

After this I will be planning on the full fresh install of 4.1. Which will be built on a BEAST of a sever I found at a computer show and had to get…
-12 core
-288gb memory ecc
-10 SSD bays with raid card

  • NVIDIA 6000 (6gb ecc mem)
    Just to name a few specs…
    And I was looking at bios and it has some other virtual technology I never heard of in the settings… time to do the research…

Man I hope I can get Qubes OS to work on this BEAST…


qvm-features <VM_NAME> audio-model ich6

in dom0 help?

Thank I will try that this weekend when I get a chance.

qvm-features <VM_NAME> audio-model ich6