Some Templates Always Require Update

I’ve installed Qubes 4.0.0, which came with a Fedora 30 template (at the time I installed). I’ve performed in place updates to the template to each intermediary version (31, 32, 33) using this guide. Everything seems to working fine, except that for each upgraded Fedora template (31, 32, and 33), Qubes Updater always says the template requires an update - even immediately after running the update. Qubes Updater shows green checkmarks after running the update, but still, immediately after, the updater tells me “(updates available)” for these templates.

How do I:

  • make sure update are being applied appropriately?
  • fix Qubes Updater to stop insisting “updates available” if no new updates are required? or
  • fix Qubes Updater/tempaltes to apply updates appropriately on these upgraded templates if necessary?

Try going to the Qube Manager. Then right click on the template and select “Update Qube”. Does this produce more information about why the update does not fully work?


This downloaded 75 updates, which is great. Looks like the template has not been updating all this time.

Separately, when I run dnf check-update from the terminal on the template, and then $? to check the result, I get a failure code (100), with the following output:

bash: 100: command not found...
Failed to search for file: cannot update repo 'fedora-modular': Cannot prepare internal mirrorlist: Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name for [Could not resolve host:]; Last error: Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name for [Could not resolve host:]

Indeed, when I try curl, I cannot reach this endpoint. Do I need to update the URL for this repo in some list somewhere?

This sounds related:

curl errors are most likely a temporary network issue in my case. So I think you should give it a retry.

This was my issue - the detail from Qubes Updater was telling me this:

output:     - Rendering SLS 'base:update.qubes-vm' failed: Jinja variable 'dict object' has no attribute 'os'

I should have noticed this earlier, because a DDG search turned up this GitHub issue which resolved it for me - I had not yet changed my default-mgmt-dvm to the updated template (because I wanted to validate first that my template was working correctly!). So, after changing my default-mgmt-dvm to use the latest Fedora template, Qubes Updater now works correctly for updating new versions of Fedora templates.