Some error during each standalone first connection to Tor after starting

I created standalone cloned from Whonix Workstation and using sys-whonix as its net-qube. And each time when I launch its Tor Browser, error messages appear in the upper-right corner, saying something about denying of Whonix status and sys-whonix. The exact message displayed in a screenshot below:

It’s always the same message that appears three times every time when Tor Browser of this standalone is launching after standalone’s starting. If to shut down Tor Browser and then to launch Tor Browser again the message never appears again. It happens only after first Tor Browser launch when standalone started.
What does it mean? Is it something bad that I must pay attention to? I re-created standalone again but error persists.
P. S. If that’s what it’s about: how to view those messages from the right corner after they disappeared? There must be a way. Most often they disappear too fast so I can’t read them in time.

They should appear in dom0 with
journalctl -f

It seems you have a problem with RPC Policies somewhere. I’m not an expert here, so maybe someone else could tell more.


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What command opens such files? I need finally write this commend. it has to be used quite often.

Are you asking how to open the RPC Policy files? You can use your favorite text editor, e.g., vim or nano.

Thanks. It solved the problem. After this procedure I decided to check what tags have other qubes and is it okay that first I added ls in the end of command qvm-tags VMNAME and then forgot to do so and just wrote qvm-tags VMNAME without ls in the end? Did I nothing wrong/bad? Seems it changed nothing and it still listed vm’s tags. I just take seriously everything related to the commands entered in dom0 Terminal, so you might find this funny. :slight_smile:
And also wanted to ask: what would happen if I would not add anon-vm tag to that standalone? Would happen something bad or did that error really not affect anything?

Nothing bad happened.

I guess it’s needed for sdwdate but I don’t know for sure. It’s better to ask this on Whonix forum.

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Seems it’s wrong command because there never was any such message. I checked few times.

When journalctl -f is running, it prints me information about every newly applied policy. Are you sure you left it running?

I meant those bubble messages in upper-right corner of the screen. Like those about new qube is starting and so on. In that area also appear error messages too, so I wanted to know where I can see hystory of such messages, 'cause they disappear too fast so I often can’t read them carefully if they appear. So you understood me wrong. journalctl -f not that command that I need.

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I’m not sure if it’s up to date but I found this:

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