#SOLVED : Qubes 4.1 LUKS Decryption Issue


So I closed of my Qubes machine late last night without any issues fully updated, when today I tried to boot my Qubes machine and it does not want to finalize the decryption.
I have been using Qubes for the last couple of years and I have never seen something like this.
So when I enter the LUKS key its starts decrypting but just at the very end, the white loading bar stops.
Is there anway to load a terminal instead of the GUI to find out any issues??


Please press [ESC] key and see if shows more information. If it does, take a screenshot and post it here.

Never mind I found the issue, its something with the Xen Hypervisior version I used.
So when I rebooted I chose the previous version and I was able to decrypt my session and I am creating a backup as we speak. (I have good backups, it would not have been a disaster).

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