[SOLVED] Cannot connect to qrexec agent for 60 seconds - Windows qubes

From time to time I’m getting this notorious error while trying to start win 7 qubes. Last time it happened it was after I had to kill the qube due to it’s unresponsiveness.

I couldn’t find an answer (mostly suggestions are to increase working memory, but useless).

Then I started it in debug mode, and voila - there I found a very well known win boot screen telling me that last time windows failed to start offering me 2 choices. The default selected was, as always, "Launch Startup repair (recommended)"and the second one is “Start Windows Normally”.

Of course qrexec couldn’t connect to repairing process, and once I selected the other one, shut down properly windows and started it again I now don’t have any qrexec issues.

I hope this will help someone.

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