Should I buy i7-3840QM, will this CPU work with Thinkpad t430?

Hi Qubes community the machine in question is not shown in hcl
Thinkpad t430 i5-3230m 16gb type 2342CTO
this cpu do not provide Vt-d so need to upgrade cpu
should I buy i7-3840QM will this CPU will work? will qubes run properly on this machine all features working so I do not get hacked and thanks for help sven

This CPU does fit into your machine and it has all needed virtualization features, so it should work. It is not in the HCL tho [edit: actually it is], so there is a chance it wont work. My gut tells me it will but i won’t guarantee this.

Also the CPU is nearly 10 years old, so i would recommend newer hardware if this is possible for you. But if that is what you have and you want to spend 130 dollars or so for an upgrade, go for it.

See here which CPUs are tested by the Community: Community-recommended computers.

Many people here say that old CPUs work quite well with Qubes for most tasks.

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Incorrect. Its in the HCL, used in one certified machine and also listed in the community list.

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Mea culpa… I blindly believed OP.

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Will go ahead with this hopefully it all works, keep you all updated