Salt-based System management: New fedora-40 templates not usable as `management_dispvm`

Just installed the fresh fedora-40 templates on my 4.2 system.

When configuring a derivative fedora-40-dvm as the management_dispvm, salt operation breaks with errors like:

<TEMPLATE NAME>: ERROR (exception Failed to copy Salt configuration to disp-mgmt-<TEMPLATE NAME>)

How do I fix that?

Scatterbrained me actually forgot, that I ran into this recently in the context of fedora-39 as well (here) and solved it by getting help in configuring seLinux to allow QubesOS file transfers into /tmp, where configure mz entire setup to place QubesIncoming etc. with the aim to avoid build up of stale material.

Provisioning of the corresponding seLinux rules is now integrated in my salt setup and is expected :wink: to puzzle me no more as fedora continues its march to higher release numbers.

Sorry for the noise.