`fedora-39` as `management_dispvm` and `salt`: `ERROR (exception Failed to copy Salt configuration to disp-mgmt-fedora-39)`

In the context of upgrading to fedora-39 in anticipation of the EOL of fedora-38, I am trying to use it as the default management image as well:

$ qubes-prefs | grep management_dispvm
management_dispvm         -  fedora-39-dvm
$ qvm-prefs fedora-39-dvm | grep "template "
template              -  fedora-39

This does, however not appear to work, as calling qubesctl --show-output --skip-dom0 --targets=<SOME TEMPLATE OR VM> state.highstate results in the error

<TEMPLATE OR VM NAME>: ERROR (exception Failed to copy Salt configuration to disp-mgmt-fedora-39)

Does anyone have insight into what is going wrong here?

Turns out that this was interference from seLinux in the management template: after asking for help regarding apparently related issues with qvm-copyet al., @DVM helped me out here and that solution also resolved this problem with file transfer by salt. @marmarek et al.: the fact, that file transfer involving the standard fedora-39 template is seLinux-prohibited probably counts as a bug?