Routing traffic through a proxy VM using nekoray w/ singbox

Ive read previous posts and made a previous post on the topic.

My objective is to use nekoray to be able to connect to a proxy in the proxy vm and that said proxy vm be used as a net vm. Any vm connected to it to be now be routed under that proxy vm.
I make this post because nekoray is very easy to use with its gui and right now I cant not get this setup at all as the proxy vm does not route the traffic to the proxy at all. What it does instead, when I set it as a vm netvm, it simply ignores the proxy and just connects to the firewall connection of the proxy vm.

The main objective is to make fast and trivial to connect to any proxy within a proxy vm. So I dont have to always use a config.json file of whatever sort.

Is this at all possible?

For my use case, I change proxies frequently and I would like to know the best way of getting a easy quick switch solution. Ive seen other tutorials that are functional but not fast to switch between a variety of said proxies.