How would I make a Proxy VM

How would I make a proxy VM in which would could be used to route all my internet traffic to?
Ive read other posts on the topic but i generally don’t have an understanding of what Im doing or how to connect to my proxy.

Can you describe what you want to achieve in more details?

You seem to describe a Qubes OS NetVM which is a qubes that provides network to other qube.

My goal was to make a proxy VM where other VMs could connect to it under the IP of the proxy.

What I’ve done so far is download sing-box to connect and nekoray for a GUI to sing-box. I haven’t done any tests with any proxies to see if it works so if it works I’ll give an update on

However Ive heard leaks, that Ive read from other posts, are possible? what exactly does that mean? I want to account for that if possible.

It’s really common to use a netvm qube to provide a VPN and protect everything below it from leaks.

You can search in the forum in the category “Community guides” or using the search feature, there are tutorials for wireguard, openvpn or major VPN providers apps.

You create a proxy VM by setting this property:
`qvm-prefs QUBE provides_network True"
You can also set this property in the GUI from Qube Manager.

Once you have done this you can attach qubes to it by setting it as
netvm in their properties.

What you do with the proxy is up to you - you can run it as a Tor proxy,
VPN proxy, PiHole, or something else. How you do that is a different

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum I speak for myself.

Ive set up sing-box to autostart every time using the gui nekoray to connect to a proxy. The proxies I have work fine however when I set sys-proxy to another qube as a net qube it doesn’t route any of that traffic through that proxy at all and effectively just connects to the firewall.
Im pass understanding the proxies really now but my question now is how do I reroute an entire qubes traffic under a proxy qube?

It’s more of a question about how to configure sing-box to route all forwarded traffic to VPN and not about how to do it in Qubes OS.
If you know how to do it in general Linux OS then you can ask a question how to do the same in Qubes OS.
So it’s better for you to figure out how to configure the sing-box in a general Linux OS first.

really all im trying to do is make what every proxy nekoray is connected to via sing-box to be able to set that as the net vm for any vm I choose. Right now when I do that currently it just doesn’t connect to the IP at all. I used nekoray for its simplicity in connecting to proxies. I dont know how I progress with this.