Risc-V, SeL4, OpenTitan, KataOS, Renode

What does the QubesOS community think about these new technologies?

Announcing KataOS and Sparrow | Google Open Source Blog

Antmicro · Running Rust programs in seL4 using the sel4-sys crate

Any critiques or criticism?

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Hi @janglingquo_575, welcome.

This question is not about Qubes OS, and doesn’t belong in the User Support category.

However the question is related to topics that may be of interest of Qubes OS users. The All around Qubes category exists specifically to host questions like yours.

Unfortunately, as a basic user, you don’t yet have access to that category, and you’ll have to wait until you reach the member level in order to access it. Participating in other areas of the forum (with a focus on Qubes OS itself) is the way to achieve that!

There is in fact a thread in “All Around Qubes” about this topic from Oct’22. It gathered very little interest. As @gonzalo-bulnes outlined, this is off-topic in all the categories of this forum. Closing thread.