RSC-V, SeL4, OpenTitan, KataOS, Renode

What does the QubesOS community think about these new technologies?

→ Announcing KataOS and Sparrow | Google Open Source Blog 2

→ Antmicro · Running Rust programs in seL4 using the sel4-sys crate

Any critiques or criticism?

@janglingquo_575 You opened a similar thread a few hours ago to be told that:

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The thread was subsequently closed and unlisted. Re-opening a very similar one, still off-topic in a different category is not OK.

This post is not general discussion?

No. Not a general discussion about Qubes OS.

Do you really have trouble understanding that you’re expected to talk about Qubes OS in the Qubes OS forum?

We’re splitting hairs here, but “general discussion,” really means “general discussion”. It doesn’t say “general discussion pertaining to Qubes OS”.

This is not a general-discussion forum but forum dedicated to Qubes OS. It is managed by a non-profit and volunteers. They have no resources to moderate general discussions about everything. For this reason, only Qubes-related discussions are allowed here, except in a dedicated Category, which is only accessible for users who sufficiently contributed to the forum.

See also: About the General Discussion category

Closing this topic (again). If the discussions are framed around Qubes OS support for these platforms, those are fine, but do search first and post on existing topics. Many of them already exist!

Anything other than that it falls out of scope of the forum.

Please don’t open topics repeatedly like this. If’s not a matter of being in the wrong category (user support vs. General Discussion).