Restore AppVM session after reboot

I realize there’s a restore session and startup within Dom0; but sometimes I work with many windows, tabs, etc. Tabs restore themselves in browsers (Librewolf, Firefox, etc.), but I wondered if there might be a way to restore an AppVM’s session similar to the way one might resume a VM in VirtualBox? This would perhaps encourage more hard shutdowns to make use of the LUKS encryption.

Or would this in some way defeat the volatile security of some Qubes, or merely not be possible because of that volatility?

Can’t you not just suspend the system?

You can change the sleep mode to hibernate, which I think saves the system state to disk.

Yes, of course, and sometimes I do. But then again, some times the battery dies on long trips and I have to start anew. And LUKS (correct me if I’m wrong) unencrypts the drive after the intial boot, not from Xscreensaver. And in the instance of, say, a ROM flash or a required reboot after a software update, you’d have to close all VMs and reboot.

I tried changing the sleep mode in the xfce power settings, it doesn’t have any effect, hibernate and suspend does the same thing.

Perhsaps relevant: Open application in specific workspace (xfce).