Resizing Windows Qube Storage

How do I resize the windows qube from the standard 30gb?

I’ve tried going into the qube settings and increasing the private storage max size and the system storage max size and then restarting the qube. But when I then start the qube and look at the local disk it still only says 30gb of space.

I’ve looked at this thread Resizing storage in Windows 10 StandaloneVMs but have some trouble understanding

I went into storage settings in windows. Hit manage storage spaces. Saw 2 new drives attached via SAS. One was 10gb and one was 49gb. I don’t know why there were 2 drives and not just 1. I chose the 49gb one and hit format to new storage pool along with the 30gb standard c drive. Now there is still C drive with 30gb and a second drive with 49gb in a pool. And an unformatted drive with 10gb. But in the windows qube settings I only increased it to 50gb. Does this pool mean that when C drive gets full it will automatically start filling the other drive? And even though C drive says 30gb and the second drive says 49gb, it is really 49gb combined? Have I set this up right? Why is there another drive that is 10gb that I can combine to the pool? And what does attached via SAS mean? I’m not accidentally using storage from my usb am I? Qubes inherently wouldn’t allow that, but I’m confused where this other 10gb came from.


Same here. Increased the system storage and decreased the private storage (down to 2gb) because I didn’t use this and still have two unpartioned drives in W10, which can’t be removed.
It’s probably somethings you have to live with, cause you can cut most of the space down, although you won’t see any changes in W10.

Maybe someone have another idea…!?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Here’s a suggestion: treat it like a windows-only problem. Assume Qubes has done it’s job of increasing the disk size and windows is the one at fault. In other words, look generically at “expanding disk size on windows”.