Remapping Super L Key to launch Qubes Launcher

Hi there.

I’m trying to remap the “Super L” key (the Windows key) to trigger the Qubes Launcher command when pressing. (Kinda similar to how it would work in Windows.)

I went to Keyboard → Application Shortcuts → Add → Input Details → Save

Shortcut: Super L
Command: gdbus call --session --dest org.qubesos.appmenu --object-path "/org/qubesos/appmenu" --method org.freedesktop.Application.Activate "{}"

The problem is it works, but the Qubes Launcher opens up whenever my mouse is hovering, instead of remaining in the (left) corner of the screen where it rests naturally.

So how do I remap this key without this issue?

Maybe you can create a script that will get current mouse pointer position using xdotool, set mouse pointer to top left position where your menu is normally, open the menu using gdbus, restore current mouse pointer position.

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I think there is a good snippet here:


I found the same thing, was surprised but decided I preferred it that way (to either my system moving the mouse pointer or having to move it myself to the top left for no real reason).

But: bash -c 'xdotool mousemove 0 0 && gdbus call --session --dest org.qubesos.appmenu --object-path "/org/qubesos/appmenu" --method org.freedesktop.Application.Activate "{}"' works for me.