Reloading the AwesomeWM rc.lua file displaces the network status and the whonix icons

Really a analogous case to this report: Refreshing i3 config file displaces the network status and the whonix icons

But for AwesomeWM. Let’s say I change some lines in AwesomeWM and I reload the rc.lua file for my changes to take effect. The Network Manager and the Whonix icons on the wibar (I guess that’s the correct term with awesomewm) get displaced from their locations and get thrown onto the current workspace (ie., tag) with windows of their own.

The only way to get them back to their proper place on the wibar is to reboot the QubesOS.

I haven’t had that anymore for a while.

But when I had it, I recall that just closing them with Mod-Shift-C would get them back to the wibar.

Really? How come? I have it everytime I do mod+ctrl+r to reload the rc.lua file.

Closing the network manager indeed puts it back to the wibar, but the sys-whonix doesn’t return back. It just disappears, being not visible on the wibar either.

Ah yes, you’re right: It still happens on config reload.

Back with awesome 3 it also happened whenever an external monitor got connected, but that was fixed in awesome 4 (which is in Qubes 4.1). IIRC awesome3 simply didn’t have code to handle monitor changes and thus restarted itself on any change…

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