Refreshing i3 config file displaces the network status and the whonix icons

When I edit the ~/.config/i3/config file in dom0, I press $mod+Shift+c (or $mod+Shift+r) in order to reload the config file to apply my changes.

But, doing that causes the network status icon and whonix (tor connection, time synch stuff) status icon to disappear.

The time synch stuff icon reappears on the upper left hand side on an empty workspace, and network status doesn’t come back until I do a system reboot.

Is there a fix to this bug?

I have this issue too. Qubes 4.1 use i3 version 4.18.2 (2020) which have an issue for tray icons. It’s fixed since then but we are still on that affected version.

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When do you think Qubes users would get the updated version of i3 being shipped to their OS’es?

No idea, I don’t see any new related commit on the Qubes i3 repo. Someone should create an issue about this bug so we can use a newer version fixing the tray icons disappearing.

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Hey I was just checking QubesOS github repo for 4.2 release milestones, and there is a milestone open for updating the i3 to v4.20.1

That should fix the displacement of the network status and whonix tor synchronisation widgets on the i3bar.

Great news, unfortunately I don’t think we will get that version anytime soon, I hope they can do something to upgrade it before 4.2 release which can take more than a year to go out.

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