Recovering Qubes VM's from Unbootable Hard Drive

What happened: After a unrelated motherboard fire that happened a few days after the Qubes 4.1 update. I was able to successfully rebuild the computer without incident, but unsurprisingly the old hard drive is failing to boot with the new hardware.

What I have: A largely intact flash drive encrypted with LUKS that I was able to open up with my laptop + some 8 month old backups that aren’t really that useful.

Current Plan: I was curious if there was an easy way to take a largely intact hard drive with Qubes on it and migrate those Qube VM’s to another computer without booting into that hard drive. Assuming there isn’t and this cant work. My plan was to just start over with a fresh install and manually root through the old hard drive for important files and move them over.

You can create new qubes (with appropriately sized disks), and then
copy the private image from /dev/qubes_dom0 on the old disk over
the new image, which will be a little faster.