Qubes_dom0-root does not exist - preventing boot after ungraceful shutdown

I’ve spent a couple of hours searching through the forums and github issues. There are reports of this problem, however none of the posts are similar enough to the specifics of my issue to resolve the issue for me.

This is the latest fix I tried.

Here’s my situation -

  • Booted into Qubes
  • Entered luks password
  • Logged into Qubes
  • Battery died
  • Plugged in laptop
  • Rebooted Qubes
  • Entered luks password, then get these errors
Warning: /dev/.../qubes_dom0-root does not exist
Warning: /dev/..../root does not exist
Warning: /dev/.../swap does not exist

I looked at journalctl and also rdsosreport.txt The warnings and errors I saw appeared to be disk related. However I did a hardware check on the disk and a sector check, both of which passed without issue.

Any help with further troubleshooting would be appreciated.

Otherwise, is it possible to recover existing qubes from the disk, as I am able to mount it according to these instructions. I found this post about the topic but didn’t quite understand the conclusion.

Can you post the errors that you have in rdsosreport.txt?
Maybe only root thin pool was corrupted and you can try to recover it.

If you’re able to decrypt the LUKS and your LVM is not corrupted then you can try to get the data from the qube like this:

But you won’t be able to backup the qubes themself to restore them in new Qubes OS late, you can only get the data inside the qubes like this. You’ll have to recreate the qubes in the new Qubes OS installation manually.

Did you try to follow this solution?