Reclaiming Disk Space in dom0

Good afternoon everyone,
So I am short on space on my SSD. A few questions here, if I may ask…

-Is there any “cleanup” command to run in dom0?
-Can I see how big (size) the appvm’s or templates are?
-Can I safely delete a template if I am not going to use it?

  • Can I “redirect” a template to another SSD installed internally and run it from that drive and Qubes would use it?

I am trying to reclaim space on this SSD for my Qubes project/build out of some templates I want to do BUT size is limited and I really don’t want to have to install another SSD and reinstall Qubes,rebuild everything I have done.

Hi @B_ryr, see the discussion at: (even though that’s for the still in development version, some of the comments may apply)

I’ve also renamed the title to better clarify the issue at hand. Feel free to change it if you feel it doesn’t reflect that.

Yeah, but find it hard to believe that I have used all free space on this SSD.
Can I increase the allocated size for a template?
I am only 16 gb short for this remote build out. So there has to be a way to increase the size.

No it’s fine the way you renamed it

Qube Manager has such column.

Yep, I found it late last night, thanks…
This is a really nice OS, I’m loving it!!!

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Is there a way to see how much space would be recovered by deleting a given LVM volume? (i.e. the portion of its size on disk that is unique to the volume / not shared with another volume(s))?

From deletion of the private volume size you would recover whatever appears used in the thin-provisioned volume.

I have stopped caring about this – I just use ZFS and, if I erase a lot of files from a VM, I just write a giant zero-filled file on the volume of the VM, then delete it. ZFS compression then crushes that.

I really miss the ability to actually TRIM the volumes.

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