How to increase disk space in dom0

I need to increse the disk space of my varlibqubes /filesystem to install things like the kali template and else, because I have only 8 gb left. But in the vm data pool there are about 700 gb free of my 1TB ssd, so I need to resize it and increase the filesystem. But I don’t know how or if that is possible. If it will be possible via gui will be nice ,but if u can tell me the code for terminal will be fine ,too.
Thank you very much again for u help.

The fool proof way of doing this is backup up the full system (with the convenient tool), reinstalling qubes and restoring all your qubes via the restore tool. All you loose are any possible dom0 configurations you made.

If you want to venture out on expanding the disk size of your Qubes partition, I’d advise you to do a full backup first. And then look on how to do that under linux (yes, you’ll have to look up some stuff yourself), because there in nothing specific to Qubes in your question, I think. But hopefully this is enough of a pointer in the right direction.

Also, are you on Qubes 4.1? (still in development) or the more stable 4.0.3?

Hey, first of all I am on 4.1 testing. Okay I will try that. I have not sensitive data on my qubes testing system. So a data loss should be not the problem. Maybe I will look to get it work with gparted live cd or sth like that or do a reinstall without the custom storage ppols.
thank you

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Hi @rasta, just in case you haven’t seen it, this workaround allowed me to install the Kali template on R4.1.

Note that the space is needed during the installation, but becomes available again once the installation is done. The cost of the workaround for me was loosing 1 day of logs (I needed a little less than 1GB of extra space and removing 1 day of logs was enough), your situation may be different.

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thanks for ur answer. I did a fresh qubes install and install at the very beginning ,now I have got enought space. I have answered u in the kali template thread. But in the future I need to learn how to increase the space and create volumes in linux/qubes :wink: But for the first that is good and I can work with the template and try it. And it is a bit difficult, cause I have a locked root account and everything is decrypted and I need to learn how to do it with luks lvm volumes or sth. like that .
much blesses