Reach tty in a hvm

today i heard about guix and was wanted to take a look in it but as we all know vms wouldnt get internet till you configured ipv4 settings.

so i was taking the gui installer of guix and it want to setup internet but its failing all the time and im just able to press ok so he would scan again if its able to find network

now my thought was maybe i could do the ctrl + alt + f3 shortcut to reach tty and setup dhcp but if i press this shortcut im just able to reach qubes os tty
i read anywhere that you have to enable debug mode to passthrough shortcuts
but this wouldnt work for me
i also read if you enable debug mode youll get a 2nd screen where you are able to type in the shortcuts but i also dont get this second screen
i would be glad if anyone got an idea how to install guix in a standalone hvm, this seems pretty interesting because its gnu :slight_smile:

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From dom0, execute this command, then click the HVM window:

xdotool selectwindow key ctrl+alt+F2

Change F2 as needed, for example F7 or F1 to get back to graphical UI.


Another option may be to try this from dom0:
sudo xl console -t pv NameOfAppVM

Replacing NameOfAppVM with the actual AppVM name

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qvm-console-dispvm ?

Oh that’s cool. Thanks, I didn’t know that existed

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