Qvm-create-windows-qube Qubes Windows Tools install hangs infinitely


I have had persistent issues getting a Windows Qube with tools features such as clipboard working without bugged/dysfunctional networking (see my previous post here for details: Qubes Tools on Windows 10 and loss of networking - #4 by rjt) and for this reason, I stopped trying to manually setup the Qube and gravitated towards the “qvm-create-windows-qube” command.

However, qvm-create-windows-qube itself is giving me consistent issues. I am running it on a Windows 10 x64 ISO with the win10x64-pro.xml answer file. The installation goes smoothly up until the following terminal output from dom0: “Completing setup of Qubes Windows Tools…”

Upon this line of output from qvm-create-windows-qube, Windows 10 boots into its UI and logs in. Then does nothing, and hangs here forever. Regardless of how long I wait, whether I shutdown or kill the Qube, etc. qvm-create-windows-qube never moves forward beyond this step.

Looking at my “Services” list in Windows 10 I can confirm the Qubes Tools services were installed (Qubes RPC, etc) as well as the Xen drivers. However, interestingly, Qubes RPC is not started and if I try to manually start it, it immediately exits. Furthermore, the networking on this Qube is broken: although the Xen network adapter is visible from within Windows, I cannot access the internet through ping, web browser etc.

Does anyone have any insight into what may be causing qvm-create-windows-qube to permanently hang on the step of waiting for Qubes Tools to complete installation?

Hi there. I unfortunately meet the exact same issue with qvm-create-windows-qube in Qubes 4.1.
No solution so far, I end up with a working Windows Qube but networking is dead (can ping the GW qube, can’t ping anything further…) and the installe script is stuck forever at “Completing setup oof Qubes Windows Tools…”

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Update : I could just [Ctrl]-C qvm-create-windows-qube and found out it was apparently hanging trying to get qvm-sync-appmenus, that doesn’t work as qubes-rpc seems dead on the Windows host.

I found out that the dead network was due to a closed qube firewall and could solve it by :
$ qvm-firewall my-vm-name reset

And then networking flies.

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I seem to have been able to fix my networking as well, but this doesn’t answer the question as to why the RPC is down on the Windows host in the first place.

Without RPC on the Windows host, I’m not able to do clipboard sharing with the Qube. I am assuming you had the same issue? Have you seen any solution?

Installing the latest QWT 4.1.67 from Releases · tabit-pro/qubes-windows-tools-cross · GitHub before deploying your VM fixes everything.

You’ll even be able to get working audio and USB in your Windows Qube.

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This solved the issue. We need to get the owner of the Windows Qubes Tools Github repo to update his instructions file, it cost me a large amount of wasted time, simply from using an outdated version of Tools.

Building the tools (or downloading the latest binary from the releases) gives you the latest version; I haven’t seen any mention of older versions in the instructions (you mentioned v4.1.3 in another post) - what part would you suggest to modify ? (I’m genuinely interested, I sometimes contribute instructions to the community windows docs + this wiki here and could add some text if needed).

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This is misleading (and the source of my problem). The Github which gives instructions on setting up QWT links to that same FTp repository. But the EXE there is way out of date! Anyone who follows that guide will end up with problems like I did. The solution for me was: use the latest QWT release, NOT the one linked from the QWT setup tutorial on Github.

Thank you! The solution was to use the latest release from the repository you linked.