QubesOS Halts when unused

I was using qubes os and I interrupted that to answer a few text messages on my phone.

It took longer than I expected so I ended up ~10 minutes of chatting on the phone.

When I returned to my qubes os machine, it was unresponsive. There wasn’t a screensaver visible, I was seeing my qubes os desktop and the windows open on it in front of me.

However, my key presses were not registering, neither my mouse movements.

I thought that there was an invisible screen saver active, so I entered my login password even though there were no password box visible infront of me.

That didn’t work. QubesOS was unresponsive. And I had to hard shutdown the machine by pressing and holding to the power button.

Combine this issue with the occasional halts during boot that I reported, QubesOS reveal itself somewhat unusable to me as a daily driver. And I don’t say that with a glee nor driving joy out of bashing it.

I really want to use QubesOS daily, since I started to care about my infosec. But those halts and bouts of unresponsive states make it very difficult.

You should have a look at jornalctl in dom0 and tell us if you have anything related there.

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Will do and report back. Thanks.

Yeah, I am just looking at the journalctl and it is a mess. Lots of events got logged in it, and I don’t know what I should be looking for.

There are a lot of useful options for this command, check out man journalctl. For example, try journalctl -p crit.

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Thanks for telling me the command.

I have tried that and I am seeing one “systemd-coredump,” saying, "Process 3638 (xss-lock) of user 1000 dumped core.

And then below, it lists the “stack trace” of some threads (I don’t know what thread means in this context).

Does this help?