LUKS password screen hangs sometimes

New user to qubes os here.

My qubes install sometimes hangs on the LUKS password screen after I enter my LUKS password. The process bar slider located below the screen just hangs and doesn’t proceed. And I have to hard reset the computer.

This doesn’t happen everytime I start the qubes os, however, happens frequent enough that it is annoying.

Any suggestions?

try using qubes 4.1 version

Yeah I am currently at 4.0.4, which is supposed to be the stable one?

Anyways, I will switch to 4.1 once it is out of the release candidate status-- I can’t wait to use BTRFS and other goodies that comes with it.

try removing rhgb from xen config and see what happen.

I don’t have an idea how to do that, nor what it does.

So rhgb is stand for red hat graphical boot, it’s what you see when you entering luks password.
By removing this kernel option, you’ll see a bunch code line of boot process.

for uefi it’s somewhere in /boot/efi/EFI/qubes

or try searching by running find /boot -iname "xen.cfg"

Do I do this in the dom0 terminal?


Yeah I found the xen.cfg file under the /boot/efi/EFI/qubes folder.

However, xen.cfg file is empty. So there isn’t rhgb entry to remove in it.

run find /boot/efi/EFI -iname "*.cfg"
and check again if there’s any in those config file.

It finds the same file under /boot/efi/EFI/qubes/xen.cfg , which is an empty file.

no i mean are there any file that end with .cfg ? then can you check 1 by 1 if there’s any rhgb value from those file ?

if there’s none then maybe that’s causing the problem.

The only file that’s ending with .cfg is the xen.cfg under that folder.

then it might be causing the problem, if you want you can follow this UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS
you can do it directly in dom0 since you can boot up.
but i wonder if i’m wrong.
i don’t have idea.

Does it happens only after third attempt of entering your LUKS password? If you type it wrong 3 times then you need to restart your computer.

Hit ESC next time when this happen, you should see what’s going on behind the loading screen.

No it’s not about entering my password wrong. I enter it correctly.

Hitting ESC was unresponsive, too.

after you in rhgb, press ctrl+alt+2 it switch you to boot process, then enter your password disk, see what happen there.

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Today I had the same bug. And applying ctrl+alt+2 brought up a new terminal screen in which there was an awaiting prompt about “please enter disk decryption passphrase” or something meaning similar (might not the exact words).

Then I entered my disk decryption passphrase and the boot process continued flawlessly. Thanks for this suggestion.

I would like to ask one more thing: I had already entered my disk decryption passphrase when qubes os 4.1 booted from the disk. Why was there an awaiting prompt when I switched to ctrl+alt+2 terminal?