[qubes-users] Someone should port this RDP Windows windower thing for Qubes

This project:


does what Qubes do to Linux and Windows 7, but to Windows 10 on KVM, by using RDP. Not the best approach but no one is working on the Windows 10 port of the windowing thing. Maybe some people could work on porting this to Qubes, and maybe some prople from Qubes could direct funds to this.

I even opened an issue about this:


I miss using Windows properly when I work on Qubes.

Would be nice if people from here could make some noise there to bring attention :slight_smile:

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It would be an ideal solution for me. And should not be very hard. What rdp client are they based on?

Indeed does look quite intereseting, currently I run a separate machine and have an appvm where I rdp to my remote win10 setup... but this would be much less wonky than what I have

very interesting, but if it will be user then need to solve the say WinVM-to-AppVM file transfers.
And not sure about clipboard.

вторник, 1 декабря 2020 г. в 13:52:03 UTC, Stumpy:

From what I remember RDP can handle both.

Damn it, this group auto moderation kills messages with imgur hyperlinks on spot, however…
I gave it a try and it is even worse. Artifacts of the same origin appear on MS Office windows with freerdp just like with seamless mode. Apparently it uses some DirectX calls that translate to X11 methods that are extremely unfriendly to sensible desktop environment with virtual desktops, sloppy focus and custom window decorations.

Soo, I gave it a try and guess what? MS Office artifacts are still there, with freerdp it is even worse than with native seamless mode. Apparently (even if I check “turn hardware graphics acceleration off”) Office uses some obscure DirectX calls that translate to X11 in very unpleasant way that is very unfriendly to window decorator metrics, sloppy focus and virtual desktops. I remember I had similar problems with Wine/Crossover as well.


Apparently, it is not going to work, too :frowning:

Chances we get seamless windows apps anytime soon are slim.

:frowning: thanks for your research anyway

Some Reddit users are claiming RDP is working perfectly for them in Qubes: