[qubes-users] Qubes installs, but won't boot

I've successfully installed Qubes on a Thinkpad T500 with 4GB RAM. I have enabled both VT-d and an unspecified Virtualization Technology in the BIOS. (Of note, enabling the "Security chip" and TXT cause the install to fail -- booting to the DVD gives me a blinking purple cursor).

So I install. Everything goes fine. Then I reboot and... nothing.

I have:

tested the media
installed in low-graphics mode
run a memtest

no clue.

Best guess: something may be going wrong in the partioning of the hard disk. I am overwriting an existing encrypted LVM Linux installation. I want to wipe the whole disk and reinstall Qubes.

Would appreciate any suggestions!


That happend with me once.

Try to manually specify the partition
press the + and add one partition of, say 500mb, to the "/boot" and another one to "/". I suggest disabling encrypt volume for this test. Depending on your RAM you might want to make one for swap.

Then install normally and see if it shows the grub this time.