[qubes-users] Orphan menu entries after deleting VM's

Hi guys,

After deleting the work and personal VM’s in the qubes VM manager, the vm settings shortcuts from both vm’s were not deleted from the menu.
So i still have two menu entrys for personal and work in my startmenu, with both only the vm settings entry listed.
I have checked ~/.local/share/applications/ and /usr/local/share/applications/ for these orphan shortcut but they arent there…
Where else can i look for these orphan shortcuts? or how can i get rid of these broken shortcuts…?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dave,

 I think you can find it with the find command \(here an example for the 'personal VM'\):

[adm@dom0 ~]$ find -iname "*personal*"

 \./\.config/menus/applications\-merged/ and \./\.local/share/qubes\-appmenus/personal/apps/ seems to be good candidates\. Reading the Freedesktop menu spec could help you\. Backup the files before any \(delete\) actions\.