Orphan Whonix backup VM menu entry

Hello, have done a fresh reinstall of Whonix.
After the reinstallation I noticed that Qubes created a clone of the Whonix VM (whonix-backup-DATE).
I deleted the backup clone in the Qubes manager.
However, the menu entry remained. How can I get rid of the menu entry?
I tried the following: [qubes-users] Orphan menu entries after deleting VM's
This has helped me in the past with other “broken” VM menus. Unfortunately, this solution does not help with my problem.
I found the entry in the specified folders and removed it. However, the VM menu are still in the VM launcher menu (top/left Q menu).
Maybe I did it correctly and must get rid of some cache?
Please help.

See also the discussion in Qubes issue #5948.

I use dom0 and run command…
sudo dnf remove qubes-template-templatename

I don’t use qubes manager to delete templates