[qubes-users] blackarchlinux and kali templates do not start

So I was trying to make a blackarchlinux and Kali templates (because my job is a pen tester). I don't know why but after installing tools on blackarchlinux and Kali I cant start the template. When I boot it up I get can not connect to qrexec agent for 60 sec, see /var/log/xen/console/guest/guest-blackarch.log" From what I can gather it does not recognize the xenfs format because it says "failed to mount /proc/xen" when I run "sudo xl console -r blackarchlinux" in dom0. it does say more although that is the first error I get. kali does not have any error messages but still fails to boot and I get the same "cannot connect to qrexec agent for 60 seconds".

can anyone help?

thanks in advance.