Qubes possibly compromised

Hello, i have reason to believe my qubes install may have been compromised, however, i did not want to bother the security team as i know they are busy, and i do not have any sort of conclusive evidence.

I was downloading some sensitive work files, and during the download, my qubes crashed, and it has been crashing several times after that.

Every time it crashes it shows a black screen with artifacts/graphical glitches.

Additionaly, the xfce top bar is not working and when i try to manualy start it, it shows the following error

The name is not activatable

I do not have the technical know-how to investigate this situation on my own and i would greatly appreciate help with this matter.

I have very sensitive information in this machine, and the possibility that it is compromised concerns me greatly.

Your help would be appreciated.

You might want to have a look at this thread:

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It is known issue, resolved for example

It is also known recent issue, but still not resolved

So, most probably you’re not compromised, or most probably too many of us are compromised.