Qubes OS is not experimental

Back in the days i bricked my PC every other week while doing some stupid stuff in linux. Not QubesOS. My Windows system bricks itself at least once a month without me interacting with it…

Sure, i managed to break it once when trying the sys-gui thingy, but nothing more. Of course i was smart enough to do a backup upfront. From my point of view, it is the most stable system i have ever had because all i brick now, are vms that mean nothing to me. Oh no, disp1234 is dead. So anyways…

I relied on it for my work, and i can attest that it can be relied upon.

Finally some good fuckin operating system. Thanks Qubes Team! I am deeply graceful for your work and will never use anything other than QubesOS as my main driver.


I mostly agree with you. Qubes has been extremely stable for me for years as a daily driver. Except a couple of small incidents :wink:

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Yep, my only driver now!

As for the VM’s fucking up, o’well “REBUILD”, off we go again…

And I will say the “peace” of mind now with privacy, amonitity & SECURTY…

Long live Qubes OS!!!

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Yeah not even mentioning the security and privacy advantages. Seeing other people having their password manager on the same machine as their browsing machine sound like pure madness to me now.

When after only a year of using it as a daily driver, I have a feeling I never used anything else, that is I used to use it my whole life.

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One of the rare topics where cursing is to be allowed, obviously hahaha


Well it does have some freeze issues, though: