Qubes os and cryptocurrency wallets

Hello. I’m new to qubes os. I installed qubes on a Thinkpad X260. I have been searching for a long time for an operating system in which I could safely use cryptocurrency wallets. I think qubes are exactly what I needed as they provide very high security and anonymity.

So far I have a “watch only” bitcoin wallet and an online one. I also use the grin-wallet (Grin coin is a mimble-wimble based coin) that come without a graphical user interface (gui) and works flawlessly and quickly in vm. I installed the grin wallet in the fedora template. For my transactions I use fedora-32-dvm. My question is this. Will the grin node and grin-wallet updates be done automatically or should I do them manually in fedora-template?

I am not a developer or a high-tech person. I always read documentation and try to use qubes os correctly.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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It depends on how you installed it. If it is available on the package manager of fedora, then when you update your qube (via the Qubes Update icon – on the system tray – bottom right corner), then it’s also going to be updated.

Otherwise you’ll have to update it manually.


Note: I don’t know much about that specific software. I’m just answering generically about any software installed on a fedora-based qube.


Its not available on fedora package manager. Grin can be installed with snap (not recommended for security reasons and ip trafficking). Snap updates are automated. I installed grin from github so updates will be manually.

I will test it on debian template ( grin is available on debian repos) and i ll check for updates and how qubes debian template response.


Yes, if it’s available on the repos, there should be no problem with the updates. (as long as you don’t forget to update your system regularly)

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:slight_smile: I test it and all upgraded correctly without errors in debian template. Grin-node runs and already did 3 transactions via terminal. The first one (Transaction via slatepack. A peer-to-peer interaction) the second one {http(s)}, and the third one via TOR. 100% working :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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There are no distro packages for grin-node but for Grin++ and Niffler. I think updates won’t work and packages need to be redownloaded every release.

For myself I build grin and grin-wallet from source. It is relatively easy to do with cargo with few deps need to be installed.

Qubes is very suitable for cryptocurrencies, but cryptocurrency wallets are rarely available in repos. There are Electrum and Monero wallet in the Whonix Workstation template preinstalled.

*For Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

For those reading this topic, I’ve successfully used this guide:


For setting up a Trezor Model T in Qubes. I assume integration with other wallets would be trivial - there is more info on the Ledger Nano S page over at Whonix.org

Found here: