Qubes 4.2 and mullvad/wireguard problem

Hello everyone. I am seeking help because mullvad (wireguard) proxy vm stops providing internet to other vms where it’s set for networking, this happens when mullvad proxy vm shuts down/pc restart. When booted up again the proxy vm doesnt share vpn connection to other qubes.

My knowledge is very limited so I have no clue how to even start fixing this. Mullvad with same setup worked before for 3months with this guide [Tutorial 4.2&4.1] Mullvad Wireguard with Qubes and this guide I have been only got it working providing internet. The other guide Mullvad VPN App 4.2 setup guide I would love to work because simple GUI easy for me but this doesn’t provide internet ever, this is not even about restart, the GUI works and connects to vpn tunnel only inside the proxy vm.

I think I may have fucked up something by testing setting some MTU rules on dom0 from other thread simular to this problem but they didnt help, how can i reset Dom0 settings if that helps?

And any other help is welcome, because now the situation is I have to manually setup a brand new wireguard config on a new vm each bootup this can’t go on for long anymore

think I’ve noticed the same behaviour using their guide ; my suggestion is to put wireguard on a router, which removes a lot of headaches. There is a guide for that there.

also, you might want to skip the last step of creating the fw rules, and the optional

you can’t affect the network from dom0

Just spent a bunch of time on my Mullvad qube, so maybe I can help…

So are you saying your MullvadVPN qube stops working after a reboot? How do you get it working again?

Problem solved for now! It works on fedora 39 app vm after restart, without the dns hijacking part on this guide [Tutorial 4.2&4.1] Mullvad Wireguard with Qubes . the old was fedora 38 which for some reason doesn’t work anymore

if the DNS works, it’s certainly because you don’t block non VPN traffic and it’s using sys-firewall DNS without the VPN.