Qubes 4.1 Ready For Your Primary Workstation?

Well, I’m transitioning my workflow to Qubes now. Before I get too deep into that on 4.0, only to have to change scripts & upgrade later, is 4.1 ready for primary workstation in your opinion?

You can also have a look at critical known bugs.

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If I run qubes backup on 4.0, install 4.1, and it goes bad, can I assume a restore of the backup, I’ll have my system state now?

…or is there dom0 settings the backup misses?

It’s right there in my above link: backup & restore qrexec policy · Issue #3550 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.

Restore does not guarantee full original system state.

I suggest swapping out the primary storage device and using a new one for the 4.1 install. That way you can revert by swapping back in the previous storage device.

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Okay… as it stand right now, other than having to upgrade later, what would you say the biggest gain I get with 4.1 for an average workflow for office apps?

(I do plan on using the external hd storage pool option…and that looks like its getting reworked.)

Looking at 5 pages of open issues on Github? I’m a little leary to make the leap now.

Would you say that’s a typical backlog?

Traditionally, how long would you say before 4.1 is out of experimental status?

normally it 2 year since previous release, but qubes 4.1 is different, probably next year

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Yes, it is. What matters is whether those issues affect your hardware and workflows. See also: Issues · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.


Well, I’m tempted to make the leap. i don’t want to have to redo all these scripts…
…2 months away from the next evaluation according to that schedule.

Another one: Backup & restore: incl. net topology, qrexec policies, guid.conf · Issue #1635 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.

Well, I want a secondary backup of all the dom0 settings and hotkeys at least.
Where’s the settings stored?

(Can’t answer your question, not knowledgeable enough)

How about using new Paranoid mode” backup restore option instead, throwing away your old configuration to make sure your new system is not compromised? Would it be worth it?

Devs think of everything…
Qubes has been a quite a learning curve coming from the evil microsoft, then the evil apple…then to linux… and now to Qubes linux.


Indeed. I spent this year studying linux and teaching myself how to use it in a way that I know my way around the terminal.

Now I am seeing that I am teaching myself how to use QubesOS, too.

I hope that with QubesOS, I will have a good-enough setup for my infosec that this will be my last major learning of a distro/system.

4.1 up and running.
So far so good. No major issues yet.
Graphics rendering and speed significantly improved.

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Qubes + KDE: It’s looking like it finally gives all the power and flexibility I needed. I don’t think I’ll be needing to learn another distro or os anytime soon.

Wish I’d known about it a few years ago.

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I’ve been using Q4.1 as main OS basically since beta launched, it’s been very stable basically for the last year (with a few hiccups that have been resolved).


I am teaching myself qubes + i3 now.