Is it 4.1 mature enough to use it as a daily driver?

I’d like to install 4.1 and use it as daily driver [used some time 4.0 and I like qubes os].
Is it mature enough to use it in that way:

  • browsing
  • audio
  • video
  • some code
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It probably can do all those things (some people reported using 4.1 as their daily driver), but it might be less stable and secure, because it’s still in the testing phase. If you can deal with that, install 4.1. Also, if you report any bugs you have, you will help the community.

i use it and very stable even with testing repo, as long as you don’t play with experimental code / apps like sys-gui, sys-audio, etc.


Then I’ll stick with it … already installed it :smiley: thanks

It’s definitely capable of doing almost everything, and vastly more stable than it was even 6 months ago.

Yes I’m typing this forum post on 4.1 right this mome

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Same, works really well - movies, mail, browsing and all of this works perfectly (without any tweaking).