Qubes 4.1 rc2 mouse lagging problem

Hello, i am user of Qubes OS. I was use 4.0 and the last month when release 4.1rc1 i upgrade my laptop with clean installation. and my usb mouse is very lagging even right now my mouse dont moving lmao. This problem come with 4.1 when i use 4.0 i dont have any problem. sys-usb have 1gb memory and it use 784mb always. Anyways this is my second topic and i dont know what to do. what should i share about my laptop. thanks.

what is the sys-usb cpu usage?

Note that 4.1 is not officially released yet. You installed a release candidate, which is not suitable to be used as a daily driver, it’s purpose is testing. By telling us what doesn’t work, you help the Qubes team to fix the bugs and regressions. See also: Joining the Testing Team.

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not normal at all. anything suspicious in dmesg?

sudo dmesg?

so this is so complex what parts copy and send to u?

watch for any repeated lines. this behavior is typical for overloaded kernel log system