Qubes 4.1 rc1 installer doesn't boot on Thinkpad X230

I currently have Qubes 4.0.4 Installed on my thinkpad X230 with heads. When I try to do a clean install of 4.1 rc1 from a usb thumb drive created on this x230 using “dd”, I click “Test this media & install Qubes R4.1” from the heads dialogue Box or “Install Qubes R4.1 in basic graphics mode” I am getting this screen.

After about a minute or two this screen goes away and loads the installer modules and eventually I get to another screen that says "Starting installer, one moment…
Anaconda 32.24.5-5.fc32 for Qubes OS R4.1.0-rc1 (pre-release) started.
X startup failed, aborting installation

I believe I am having the same issue as this https://github.com/osresearch/heads/issues/789

open a github issues