Qubes 4.04RC1 Trouble with debian choice as default qubes instead of usual fedora

it’s seems that when you made the choice to debian as used by default default-management-vm

instead of fedora for cubes 4.03 because with 4.04rc1 it is possible to decide that debian can be use as default-management-vm, so debian choice made a update trouble that doesn’t exist with fedora-default-management-vm

But i think it’s because a bug and this will be set for the release candidate 4.1

i m happy because 4.04rc1 reconise my two networks card a realteck 8111 and a atheros it proove that new old driver and new recent driver are proposed in the 4.04rc1 i hope this will be the same for 4.1 final

maybe the trouble of update is because the option of two network cards as not been thougth and maybe this lock the update

does someone knew when the final 4.1 of qubes os will be release?

As far as I’m aware, there is no date on the horizon, but you can check out the progress here: