Qrexec-deamon startup failed:connection to the VM failed


I recently reboot my system after trying to install nano ledger and when restarted the system, for every time when I try to start any VM receiving this message: qrexec-deamon startup failed:connection to the VM failed

Please help

Hi @Seviour, welcome to the Community. Where exactly did you install nano ledger? I hope not in dom0 (How to install software). If not, then it does not look related to your QubesOS-wide problem.

Can you tell us what you see in the journalctl in dom0 when you are starting the VMs?

Hi @fsflover, thank you for your welcome. I need to say that I’m not that advanced user. Please tell me what is a jurnalctl and how can I open it or access it to see what is in it?
When I’m opening any qube or VMs then status in Qubes Domains is highlighted with red fonts and starting the process and after while the procedure is halted and pop up message saying that my domain has failed to start: qrexec-deamon startup failed: connection to the VM failed

please see screenshot

It’s a terminal command, which you should enter into dom0 terminal. Simply open “Terminal Emulator” in dom0 and enter this command. It will give a lot of output telling what is currently happening with your system. In order to get something relevant, you probably need to use some flags for it, e.g.,:

journalctl -f


journalctl -p crit  

You can also try to search for similar errors here on the forum. For example: Domain failed to start: Cannot connect to qrexec agent.

Thank you for this explanation.
I run the command and gave me logs but it make no any sense to me. Should I do screen shot for you to see it?

Try running journalctl -f continuously and simultaneously try to start a VM. Post here the new lines which appear in the log during that.

There is a lot, please see below

Not sure if you can read it clearly?

This is unfortunately above my level of knowledge. Perhaps @unman could help. In order to help other people, you could copy it as text: How to copy from dom0 | Qubes OS.

Thx for your help. Unfortunately copy from dom0 want work due having no access to any qubes and this post is done from different device