ProxyVM doesn't supply internet to AppVM

Please inform me, why my proxyVM, doesn’t supply internet to appVM ?

proxyVM specs:

name: sys-vpn
templateVM: Fedora 32
networking: sys-firewall
service: network-manager
NordVPN is enabled
Tried Firefox within the proxyVM, it can access internet, and VPN protected.

appVM specs:

templateVM: Fedora 32
networking: sys-vpn
Tried Firefox within appVM, but it cannot access internet.
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I also have problems with VPN Qubes not passing along internet, only in R4.1.

@mother what’s R4.1 ?
I’m using latest version Qubes 4.0.3

My proxy VM / VPN VM specs:

  • template: Fedora 32
  • networking: sys-firewall
  • service: network-manager

Another question, into which VM we should install our VPN ?
Into Template VM Fedora 32 ? or Into Proxy VM itself ?

Do we need to add VPN connection to proxyVM’s network manager ?
And import NordVPN connection configuration ?
But after installing NordVPN, I couldn’t find NordVPN connection configuration.

I use the command below to install NordVPN.

  • sudo dnf install nordvpn-release-1.0.0-1.noarch.rpm
    After installing, where can we locate its VPN configuration file ?

Or maybe we could not use NordVPN native software ?
and we should use its manual openVPN configuration ?

Use CLI script method from Qubes External docs. OpenVPN need to be installed in template if not already present. VPN application is not needed, just use configuration files from provider. No need to add VPN connection to network manager.

This is what you should do.