Questions about Qubes-vpn-support

Please help me with some questions below.

I have created new template VM, based on Fedora 32.

I use NordVPN, it uses wget, to download package, to template VM.
For security, Template VM has no internet access, but wget need Internet connection.
So I attach sys-net to template VM for temporary, to download NordVPN.
It means security has been compromised.

How do we install software that is not supported by package manager ?
Do we need to use disposable VM to install it, then copy into template VM ?
Or there is another way ?

I create App VM, based on Fedora template VM, which has NordVPN installed.
I attach sys-firewall, to the App VM, & turn on the VPN, and it works.

What I don’t understand is, if it works already, then why we need the scripts,
provided in ?

Is it being used to create proxy VM ?
So without the script, proxy VM will not be able,
to supply internet access to App VM ?

Also in its features’ description, the script provides fail closed & protect leak possibility.
Also it isolates tunnel within proxy VM.
Does it mean, the nordVPN itself is not enough ?
so we need to use the script, to protect from leak possibility & isolate tunnel ?
So without the script, if we only have NordVPN, on template VM only,
then there will be leak possibility and tunnel is not isolated ?

On step 2, in Qubes-vpn-support, how do I get the VPN config files for NordVPN ?
From which folder ? Because NordVPN doesn’t mention, the file location.

About WhoNix, Tor-Over-VPN and VPN-Over-Tor,
If we want VPN encryption, start from our Laptop,
so it is secure from any man-in-the-middle, Router admin and also ISP,
which one we have to choose ? Tor-Over-VPN or VPN-Over-Tor ?

How to setup auto login and auto connect ?
I have turned on auto connect on App VM terminal, but it dissapear after reboot.
So currently, I need to login & connect manually, for each time I use the App VM.

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I have created just now a post to address this common mistake. Read it here:

thank you

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It is up to you to select a VPN provider you trust… but if you just want to understand how to setup a VPN with Qubes I would recommend you the following.
(The whole setup should be done in 30 mins.)

Go here click on generate account for one month it cost 5 € / month (no crazy oppressive contract). Afterwards follow this guide: This step-by-step explanation was the best VPN-Qubes setup I found but there are several approaches you can try see:

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@whoami but my proxyVM cannot supply internet to appVM

Did you check the qubes settings? Sorry, your text is a bit too fuzzy for me. Maybe some screenshots would help to better understand what you want and where is your blocking point.

Meanwhile, just to be on the safe side. Did you double check your Qubes settings?

  • Your AppVM must point to your ProxyVM (In the Qubes Setting: Networking: name-of-your-ProxyVM)

  • Afterwards, your ProxyVM > sys-firewall > sys-net